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I love fun nail polish, and I often pick up a new bottle of Essie on a whim when I’m at Target.  However, I try to limit myself to more conservative colors on days I have court appearances.  My favorite is a barely-there pink shade, that makes my nails look prettier but doesn’t scream “I’m wearing nail polish!”

This largely stems from a traumatic experience in law school, when a fellow law student wore black nail polish to court.  She was dressed entirely appropriately, in a suit, but the judge saw the black nails and that was the end of it.  He asked her, in open court, “are you a punk rocker?”  Super awkward, super embarrassing.

None of the judges I appear in front of would notice nail polish, and I frequently see attorneys dressed really inappropriately for court and nothing is said.  So this is probably a rule that exists only in my head, but I am a young woman in a field dominated locally by much older men.  So I basically do anything I can to avoid drawing undue attention to my appearance, and that includes limiting myself mostly to boring shades of nail polish.

Here are some of my favorites for pretty, natural nails.  Bonus: these shades are so close to the color of my nails that if I get some chips, it’s barely noticeable.

Essie Sugar Daddy.  This is a pretty popular “neutral” polish, and I like the hint of shimmer.

OPI Bubble Bath.  Rumor has it, this is Giada de Laurentis’ go-to shade.  Her cooking show is full of close-ups of her hands, and her nails always look immaculate.  I actually saw this color on a friend and asked her if she was wearing nail polish, because I could not tell if she was or if her nails were actually just that pretty.  That’s the dream, right??

Essie Pink Glove Service.  This looks pretty bright in the bottle, but it’s a jelly polish with a very sheer application.  It adds a lot of shine, and just the right tint of color.  I sometimes use this as a base coat before adding one of the more opaque polishes linked above.