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Sometime this winter I plan to buy a black handbag.  In law school, and for the past two years, I’ve used a black patent leather tote for the winter.  But this year I want to invest in a nice leather purse.  So I’ve been keeping an eye on the fall collections, but nothing has really caught my eye.  Until the Modalu Horizon.

I own a Modalu Pippa grab, in Tan, and I love it passionately.  It is the nicest bag I’ve ever owned.  The leather is beautiful, the compartments let me be super organized, the zipper pulls are shiny little gold seashells…I love all of it.  I love it so much I considered just buying the Pippa in Black and calling it a day.  But when I went to the Modalu website, I stumbled across the Horizon satchel.  Observe:

Here is what I love: the gold hardware on the flap, the top handle, the structured shape, and especially the shoulder strap.  While the Pippa is practically perfect in every way, I do find it a bit heavy to carry.  Here’s the shoulder strap in action:

The above photos read as black to me, but the website says the bag is navy.  It’s not officially available for order yet, so I’m hoping it will eventually be available in black.

There is also a Horizon grab version.  Here it is:

Its shape is very similar to the Pippa grab.  I like it, but I think I prefer the satchel.  The Horizon grab pictured is black, and the leather appears to be a bit different from the satchel: pebbled rather than smooth and shiny.  I prefer the smooth look, but I worry scratches would show very easily.

So I am still undecided, still shopping around for the perfect black bag.  But the Modalu Horizon line is definitely on my list.