My office has been sub-Artic for the past week, and I am slowly freezing to death each day.  I actually printed off a bunch of papers to review and went to sit in another office, because I could not feel my fingers.  Ridiculous!  Unfortunately our building is very large and very old, so it does not keep a consistent temperature (meaning no other rooms are freezing, just mine).

I keep a cardigan at the office, but it’s a cheapie Target special and also has 3/4 length sleeves, so its usefulness is pretty limited.  Today I brought in a pashmina-style scarf to wrap around my arms, which really helped a lot.  But it, too, is a cheapie Target special (anyone sensing a pattern here?) and is very thin.

So I think I will at some point invest in a nice, actual cashmere pashmina with a little weight to it.  If I recall correctly, Nordstrom generally has an own-brand line of pashminas in a wide array of colors for about $99.  However, they’re not currently online, probably because it is August and who needs pashminas now?  Me.  I do.

So I found these instead, which are a definite possibility.  They come in a ton of colors, but I will probably stick with grey so it matches most of my work clothes:

Pure Pashmina Shawl, Grey, 3 Ply

If I were very wealthy, I would buy this, which looks gloriously warm but also is maybe edging a little too close to the “blanket” side of things.

Nordstrom Collection Pleated Border Cashmere Wrap