Tuesday Shoesday


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It took me awhile to give in, but I finally bought a pair of Cole Haan pumps this winter.  Even though they were on sale and I had store credit, they were still the most expensive shoes I’ve ever purchased.  Basic black, mid-height pumps.  Unbelievably comfortable, in large part due to the Nike Air soles.

So naturally I want to expand my Cole Haan collection.  I find their shoes run a tiny bit narrow, so I prefer a wide width.  It’s very difficult to find wide widths on sale, so I will probably be looking for quite awhile.  But!  6pm.com has a lot of normal width Cole Haan shoes right now.  Here are three that caught my eye:

Cole Haan Olivia Infinity Flat, $46.99 (70% off original price of $158)


Cole Haan Talia Wedge 40, $103.99 (40% off original price of $178)


Cole Haan Camila OT Wedge 65, $93.99 (47% off original price of $178)





I am more than a little obsessed with TNT’s reboot of Dallas, and last night the season finale aired.  It was so good.  It’s definitely a soap opera, but no judgment here, I have been a loyal Gossip Girl viewer since day one.

One of my favorite things about the show, besides the twisty-turny plots, is the fashion.  In particular, I like to see what Rebecca Sutter Ewing is wearing each week.  I love her perfect manicures, her light green Longchamp Le Pliage, her puffy-sleeve white blouse, her pink quilted handbag…all of her things, basically.  So I was very excited to see this InStyle slideshow entitled Dallas Fashion: Secrets from the Set. 

Enjoy!  Here is some background music, just to set the mood.

Land’s End Chinos


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I got a Land’s End catalogue in the mail yesterday, billing “Zero Risk Chinos.”  Basically, they’re offering free shipping and free returns for a limited time.  The chinos come in a  wide range of colors and cuts, and the styling is very cute and almost reminiscent of J. Crew.  But with pants at $60 a pair, this is obviously not J. Crew.

I’m particularly taken with the slim ankle chinos.  I’ve been wearing The Limited’s Drew Twill Ankle Pants weekly since early spring, and they’ve been a great warm weather staple.  I love that the length works for both heels and flats–as a petite girl I’m perpetually struggling with tailoring issues, because getting the right hem length can be tricky.  I may need to take advantage of this Land’s End deal to broaden my ankle pant horizons and explore color ranges beyond black and khaki.

Here’s the slim ankle chino from Land’s End in Mazarine Blue.  Love the pants, and also the great tan pumps.

EMPLOI at Ideeli


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Flash sale sites can be pretty hit-and-miss, but I try to make the daily rounds just to check in and see what’s available.  I regularly monitor Gilt, RueLaLa, My Habit, and Ideeli.  I’m not really in the market for any new clothes at the moment, but if I were, I would take advantage of this great deal at Ideeli.

There are several cute dresses from EMPLOI.  I am not familiar with this brand, and some Googling around didn’t yield much information.  But the photos look great, and $69.99 is a very reasonable price for a nice work dress.  Here are two of my favorites, available now at Ideeli:

EMPLOI Pintuck Detail Maiden Dress

EMPLOI Monroe Dress

Fairydrops ‘Scandal Queen’ Mascara


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Mascara is one of the trickiest things to get right, in large part because it costs so much.  The initial cash layout discourages experimentation, at least if you live far from a Sephora (like me).  This was less of an issue when I lived in the city, when it was easy to stop by Sephora on my way home from work to exchange multiple tubes until I found exactly the right one.  But now I would have to return by mail, which is considerably less convenient.

I have spent years trying to find exactly the right mascara, and I think I am now one step closer.  Here are some of the highs and lows of my search.

Dior DiorShow Blackout.  I am not a fan of the bulky brush, but it does deliver respectable volume, especially if you use multiple coats.  I got a sample pack, and used it until it dried up, but I would not purchase this again.

Maybelline Full & Soft.  This gives you pretty, fringe-y lashes but does not hold curl well at all.  My lashes droop pretty quickly with this, but I think it’s the best drugstore option I’ve found.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash.  I had no real problems with this, but it didn’t particularly impress me either.  Lives up to its name, delivering dark smoky lashes with good volume.  But again, doesn’t hold curl well at all.

Benefit They’re Real.  This was my holy grail mascara, and I’m sure I will continue to go back to it again and again.  It holds curl really well, which is my number one goal.  I’m not crazy about the rubber brush, but that’s not a deal breaker.  The formula is more problematic; I find it dries out very quickly and I have to replace more often than I would like.  Which is why I tried:

Fairydrops Scandal Queen.  This is a “fiber” mascara, which I have read a lot about but never tried before.  I will admit I purchased this in large part based on the very cute packaging.  But the gamble paid off!  This gives me great results, very similar to the Benefit mascara.  Thick, lush lashes which remain curled for hours.  We’ll see how quickly it dries out, but for now I’m very happy with it.

Kate Middleton in Stuart Weitzman


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The New York Times wrote on Friday that “watching how the Duchess dresses may turn out to be one of the Games’ most heavily spectated sports.”  I…am not going to argue with that.  I love Kate Middleton’s hair, clothes, bags, shoes, etc.  All of her things, basically.  And I love that she is simultaneously gorgeous and relatable.  In the past week, she has repeatedly worn a Zara blazer that retails for £70.  I own a Zara blazer!

Today, I’m loving these Stuart Weitzman wedges she’s worn repeatedly in the past few days.

I could not manage the height, but I love the cork wedge and the blue suede.  I also appreciate the closed-toe, which is surprisingly difficult to find in cork espadrilles.  Believe me, I know.  I have looked.

It’s Caturday!


In a shocking oversight, I have failed to institute Caturday until this, the third Saturday of this blog’s existence.  But no worries, it will be a tradition from here on out.

This is Zoey, recovering after a rough day of sleeping in several different locations.  She says hello.

Modalu Horizon


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Sometime this winter I plan to buy a black handbag.  In law school, and for the past two years, I’ve used a black patent leather tote for the winter.  But this year I want to invest in a nice leather purse.  So I’ve been keeping an eye on the fall collections, but nothing has really caught my eye.  Until the Modalu Horizon.

I own a Modalu Pippa grab, in Tan, and I love it passionately.  It is the nicest bag I’ve ever owned.  The leather is beautiful, the compartments let me be super organized, the zipper pulls are shiny little gold seashells…I love all of it.  I love it so much I considered just buying the Pippa in Black and calling it a day.  But when I went to the Modalu website, I stumbled across the Horizon satchel.  Observe:

Here is what I love: the gold hardware on the flap, the top handle, the structured shape, and especially the shoulder strap.  While the Pippa is practically perfect in every way, I do find it a bit heavy to carry.  Here’s the shoulder strap in action:

The above photos read as black to me, but the website says the bag is navy.  It’s not officially available for order yet, so I’m hoping it will eventually be available in black.

There is also a Horizon grab version.  Here it is:

Its shape is very similar to the Pippa grab.  I like it, but I think I prefer the satchel.  The Horizon grab pictured is black, and the leather appears to be a bit different from the satchel: pebbled rather than smooth and shiny.  I prefer the smooth look, but I worry scratches would show very easily.

So I am still undecided, still shopping around for the perfect black bag.  But the Modalu Horizon line is definitely on my list.