Sweaty Bands!


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Posting has been very irregular lately.  I can’t even blame it on work, which has been pretty slow for the past few weeks.  It’s really because I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym, which leaves me less time in the evenings to blog.

I take a Zumba class several times a week, but I’ve also been running a lot lately.  I’ve been slowly chipping away at the Couch to 5K Program, and I finally feel like I’m making real progress.  I’m officially running for more of the 30-minute period than I’m walking, which is verrrry exciting.  On my way to being a real runner!

But spending all of this time at the gym means I spend a lot of time getting very, very sweaty.  And I could not figure out a good solution for my hair, which was driving me insane.  I’m growing out blunt bangs, so I have some longer pieces that I just clip back with bobby pins in addition to my ponytail.  But even with ponytail + bobby pins, I still had a halo of little whispies every time I finished a workout.  Even worse, when I tried to tuck the whispies behind my ears they would get sweaty and drippy and gross.

I bought some Goody Non-Slip Headbands at Target, because the price was right (a 3-pack for $5!).  But the Goody headband fell off my head three times in a one-hour class.    Unacceptable.  So I very reluctantly paid $15 for a Sweaty Band headband from the specialty running store.

Life.  Changing.  This headband literally did not budge from my head the entire class.  It was a miracle!  I am officially obsessed and want ones in other colors now (I have this one in pink, blue, and purple, which matches most of my workout tops).

Sweaty Bands: highly recommended.  I’m going out of town this weekend, but when I return I will write about an exciting new development in my hunt for the perfect black bag.  


Tuesday Shoesday: Target Edition

This weekend I made a surprising discovery: Target has really cute shoes.  Actually, I’ve known this for awhile but I tend to periodically forget and then be surprised all over again when I see something like this in the store:

Merona May Core Heel, $29.99

I am generally not a fan of animal prints.  Like, at all.  But these are very wearable and not at all tacky!  The heel is a nice height, and I love the (probably fake) calf hair.  Unfortunately they do not fit me properly, at all.  The 7.5 was too tight, and the 8 was too loose and I kept walking out of them.  But you should try them on if you’re in the market for some trendy, surprisingly affordable pumps.

I also noticed these boots online, and was really excited to find them in my local store to try on:

Merona Cole Ankle Boot, $34.99

I may actually bite the bullet and get these.  They’re not real leather, but they’re $35 so I’m not complaining.  Great heel height, and they looked good under jeans (I just can’t make the jeans-tucked-into-boots look work for me).  Sometimes black boots can be a little too biker-chick, which…is not the look I am going for.  That’s not a concern with these boots.  I also really liked the taupe suede version, which reads much more tan than the photo on the website.

These boots actually reminded me of boots a certain Ms. Middleton has been photographed wearing, and it turns out I’m not the only one to make that connection: check out this post on Kate Middleton Blog.

LOFT Accessories Sale


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LOFT is having an awesome sale right now: 40% off select accessories.  Below are my picks.  I very nearly bought the necklace in the top left corner: it reminds me of the J. Crew Bubble Necklace, but a little dressier, a little more wearable for me, and it would actually match my work clothes. And it was discounted to $27!  That’s a great price for a statement necklace.  I even added it to my shopping bag and got as far as checkout, where I discovered that tax + shipping made it nearly $40.  Sad trombone.  So no accessories for me.

I don’t know when the sale ends, so hurry on over if you don’t mind the shipping costs: use code ACCESSORIZE.

LOFT Accessories Sale

Elle, No.


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I really hate the month of August.  It seems to last forever, with its heat and humidity and endless delaying of fall.  However, August does include the September issues of fashion magazines, which I very much enjoy.  I subscribe to Elle, for reasons I do not recall but which probably involved the check-out line at Ulta (that’s how I got my ill-advised but enjoyable Allure subscription).

I actually really like Elle.  The articles are smart and well-written, and the fashion and beauty spreads are interesting but not too fashion-y, so you feel like you could possibly realistically implement these ideas in your everyday life.  The ads, however?  The ads are something else, let me tell you.  I realize this probably reveals me to be very uncool, but the “high fashion” ads just seem ridiculous to me.  Below are some of the highlights from the September issue of Elle.

Insane eyeshadow shading, ultra blunt bangs, and some sort of belt…made of bags?  From Chanel.

This Marc Jacobs model’s face looks…bruised?  Also, her hat reminds me of Pamela Anderson’s furry pink hat, which is less than classy.  Good thing she has a handbag large enough to shield her entire naked torso!


Okay, so this Louis Vuitton ad is only slightly ridiculous.  I’m not a fan of the giant heels, and those hats can only be called Cat in the Hat-esque, but all in all this is a fairly respectable ad.  I do have some questions, like: where are all of these impossibly willowy white women going with their giant luggage and Dr. Seuss hats?  Why are they all wearing so much eyeshadow?  But like I said, this Vuitton ad could maybe get a pass, if it weren’t for the second page in this two-page spread…

Oh yes!  The Elton John glasses.  I don’t even…I can’t even…no.

Pashmina Hunt



My office has been sub-Artic for the past week, and I am slowly freezing to death each day.  I actually printed off a bunch of papers to review and went to sit in another office, because I could not feel my fingers.  Ridiculous!  Unfortunately our building is very large and very old, so it does not keep a consistent temperature (meaning no other rooms are freezing, just mine).

I keep a cardigan at the office, but it’s a cheapie Target special and also has 3/4 length sleeves, so its usefulness is pretty limited.  Today I brought in a pashmina-style scarf to wrap around my arms, which really helped a lot.  But it, too, is a cheapie Target special (anyone sensing a pattern here?) and is very thin.

So I think I will at some point invest in a nice, actual cashmere pashmina with a little weight to it.  If I recall correctly, Nordstrom generally has an own-brand line of pashminas in a wide array of colors for about $99.  However, they’re not currently online, probably because it is August and who needs pashminas now?  Me.  I do.

So I found these instead, which are a definite possibility.  They come in a ton of colors, but I will probably stick with grey so it matches most of my work clothes:

Pure Pashmina Shawl, Grey, 3 Ply

If I were very wealthy, I would buy this, which looks gloriously warm but also is maybe edging a little too close to the “blanket” side of things.

Nordstrom Collection Pleated Border Cashmere Wrap